Water Management Resources (WMR) is a small family owned business. With over two hundred years of combined experience in the food industry, we bring to the table experience in labor, mid-management, upper management, maintenance, sanitation, engineering, design, customer service, and sales. WMR was born out of necessity to achieve USDA’s zero tolerance for fecal, and to reduce the amount of water being used to reach this goal. The first product we produced saved about 95 percent of the water used on the evis line, but was too costly to manufacture. The second product was a winner, the brush bird washer.


WMR was the first company to commercially offer brush technology in the poultry, beef and pork industries and is the OEM of the “Premium Bird Washer” used in the poultry industry.


WMR’s Premium Bird Washer has become the industry’s standard in fecal removal. This washer was so successful that almost every equipment manufacturer has attempted to duplicate this system. It is the only system that will provide consistent performance and can claim over 75,000,000 birds processed without a single fecal NR on the outside of the bird. This same technology has been successfully used in providing a cleaner product and saving approximately 36 million gallons of water a year over the previously used equipment.


WMR continues to develop specialized equipment to do a better job of cleaning fresh meat and poultry products while reducing the amount of water required. Our primary focus is on the slaughter side of the house in beef, pork and poultry.


Our commitment is to you, the customer. We look at your production needs and then customize the right equipment to meet your production requirements and to fit your available floor space. We don’t sell equipment. We sell performance…

Our Mission

  • To provide production solutions to the food industry relating to Food safety issues.
  • To improve and develop equipment that will conserve our precious water resources.
  • To offer dependable equipment with innovation before the sale and excellent service after the sale.
  • To be honest and use integrity in dealings with our clients and vendors.

“We believe in being honest, true, and in doing good to all men especially you, our clients.”


Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.