• Easy to maintain and service
  • Simple to operate
  • Companion to the HoW-6000 Hide-on Carcass Washer
  • Removes water more effectively and consistently than humans
  • Increases food safety
  • Short term ROI
  • All parts are USDA approved for use in the food industry
  • US Patent 7,387,565 Other Patents Pending
  • Leasing available

The Pork CWR-5000 and Beef CWR-6000 series Carcass Water Removal Systems do the task normally performed by humans.  Located after the Hide-on Carcass Washer, they are very effective, and consistent in removing the excess water from the hide, especially the cut pattern.  Not all of the water is removed during this process, leaving a residue of intervention chemical to continue its killing action on any remaining pathogens.


The patented strikers act as thousands of tiny squeegees to consistently provide a clean area for the hides to be opened, helping to prevent cross-contamination.  It has been said, “they look 4-H ready,” meaning the carcasses were clean and the hair was brushed.   This process helps to reduce to amount of water entering your harvest floor.


These Carcass Water Removal Systems are great companions to the Pork HOW-5000 and Beef HOW-6000 series of Hide-on Carcass Washers.  Look for a quick Return On your Investment.


FSIS has issued a letter of “No Objection” for its use in any FSIS inspected Establishments.