FF-2000FR (Chicken)

FF-400FR (Turkey)

  • Handles birds up to 100 lbs.
  • Removes excess external contaminates
  • Reduces solid load in scalders
  • Helps prepare birds for better scalding
  • Cleaner scalder water
  • Reduces pathogen load in scalder
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduces NRs
  • In-plant USDA approval granted in every plant where requested
  • Low maintenance
  • Quick ROI

Food-safety concerns, in the late 1980s, brought about the immersion-scalding tank.  The results were not attractive.  In fact, immersion scalding was immediately ranked as a leading source of cross-contamination inside the plant.


The chicken FF-2000FR and the turkey FF-4000FR series of pre-scald systems are designed to remove foreign matter from the feathers prior to entering the scalder.  This provides cleaner scalder water by reducing the solids and pathogen load entering your scalder.