FF-2000EUO Series For Chicken
FF-4000EUO Series For Turkey

  • Removes external contaminates
  • Twice the cleaning power of any bird washer in the industry
  • Dependable and consistent cleaning results
  • Cleans like nothing else in the industry
  • New and unique brush design
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduces NRs
  • In-plant USDA approval granted in every plant where requested
  • FSIS Letter of No Objection
  • Quick ROI
  • US Patent 7,467,994

WMR’s bird washers have always been the best and most reliable washers in the industry.


Now comes the next generation of bird washers, “The Ultimate One.” There is nothing in the industry like it. No other bird washer comes close to delivering the cleaning power of this system.


From maintenance comes statements like; “We turn it on and don’t have to baby sit it.” And “The design is such that we can replace the brushes in an hour not in a day as with our old system.”


One general manager stated that they had not had a single fecal failure on the outside of the bird since installing “The Ultimate One.” If you struggle with fecal failures, there is an answer, “The Ultimate One.”